Area rug binding


What you should know about area rug binding

Choosing custom rugs for even one room in your home gives you outstanding results. These pieces are durable and offer stunning visual appeal to match any decor. You'll also enjoy the benefit of a lengthy lifespan for well-cared-for area rugs.

If you've never experienced a custom rug before, you'll want to learn more about them. These pieces could be the finishing touch for any remodel throughout your home. Here are some area rug binding facts that could help you create an incredible experience.

What are your binding options?

There are three primary types of binding, each with specific attributes and benefits. Certain area rug binding options will likely serve your needs better than others, especially in busy spaces. However, others may find that any choice is great so take the time to find out more.

A standard binding uses binding tape or fabric to create a simple border in your choice of colors. It's an efficient way to bind your rug without spending much money. But it still makes a beautiful visual to match your decor.

Serging is another binding type that uses a thread and resembles hand-stitching. This offers a more finished and elegant appearance for custom rugs that you'll love in formal areas. Still, it's an excellent choice for any room where this look is preferred.

Finally, consider fringing, which leaves strands of fibers hanging loose. Rugs with a fringe binding are usually kept in areas with less traffic. They do not fare well with vacuum cleaners with a beater bar attached.



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Consider adding a pad beneath your rug

Some rugs need a pad underneath to ensure the best result, especially if your floors are hardwood. Pads can help anchor the rug and prevent damage from the flooring beneath. Your custom rugs have pads of different materials, so consider how each will affect your experience.

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