BEAU FLOOR Black Tex 13’2″ wide Sheet Vinyl **new in stock**

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Blacktex is the new generation of ready-to-install flooring. With its strong polyester fibre backing it is extra stable and comfortable to walk on.
The back is environmentally friendly as all raw materials are recyclable, making Blacktex a green product.
The product is also covered with a PU lacquer, resulting in a hygienic and anti-allergenic floor that makes it suitable for people with allergies or families owning pets.Available in different stunning designs, Blacktex offers many advantages that exceed the eye!
The trendy black textile backing smoothens irregularities in the sub-floor offering fantastic underfoot comfort, making your floor soundproof. It also isolates noise (Lw 18 dB), perfect for apartments or leveled floors.
Being suitable for heavy usage and the fact that no preparatory work is needed makes Blacktex the ideal floor for retail and hospitality.
Blacktex can even be loose-laid in rooms up to 40m², so no glue is needed which saves you money, hassle and time!


  • Thickness: 110 mils
  • Wear Layer: 0.40 mm
  • Total Weight: 3.59 lbs/sq. yd

A smart collection with a soft side

Our smart Tex collection is ideal for when you’re facing uneven subfloors, which is often the case in older houses. The secret of Tex is in the textile backing that functions as a buffer for small subfloors irregularities.

Moreover, our Tex collection is perfectly suitable for looselay on surfaces of up to 40m² (430 sq. feet). This makes installation a breeze, as Tex floors don’t require to be glued down. Just choose from one of our natural looking oak designs, roll out your floor and enjoy. Available in 13’2″ wide rolls.

EASY TO INSTALL-loose lay, perimeter glue, or full spread.